Threat of Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise. As greenhouse gas emissions have increased since the Industrial Revolution, both the earth’s atmosphere and its oceans have warmed. Causes. Since 1880, the average sea level has risen by about 1.6 mm (0.06 inches) per year. However, this rate has not been constant. New research by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows that […]

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Climate Plan

Joe Biden’s Climate Plan President Biden is off to a quick start to address global warming. This is in sharp contrast to the Trump administration that denied the need to address this threat. Prior to his election, President Biden published Joe’s Vision on his campaign website defining his plans to address global warming and other

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Why We Need A Carbon Fee

Carbon Dioxide Removal Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere slowly by natural processes, mainly absorption in earth and plants, but this process takes hundreds of years.It is technically feasible to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere mechanically. However, it’s not an economical or practical way to reduce CO 2 in the atmosphere at present.

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The Importance Of Agriculture, Forestry, And Land Use Changes

Global Warming by Deforestation Deforestation, the destruction of dense forests in the tropics, is a significant contributor to global warming. The countries responsible for deforestation lack the economic incentive and the resources needed to stop deforestation without assistance from the major industrial countries. The importance of deforestation Deforestation reduces the amount of CO 2 that

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