The second edition of Reaching Net Zero will be published by Elsevier in February 2024 under a new title,
The Global Climate Crisis: What To Do About It

The Global Climate Crisis
What To Do About It

Global warming is the most misunderstood concept around the world today. Some believe it is a natural phenomenon, not due to humans. It is responsible for climate change, but changes occur slowly and are felt unevenly around the world, so others dismiss it as a problem. Others believe climate change is real but we can’t do anything about it. Read on, we will show you how to prevent and slow down Global Warming.

What it Takes to Solve the Climate Crisis

The Global Climate Crisis

What To Do About It

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The Global Climate Crisis: What To Do About It addresses the imminent need to fully understand the causes, effect, and evidence of global warming; due to the large amount of climate disinformation and complexity of much of the available valid science, this book addresses the science of global warming in a concise, readable manner while providing an in-depth reference for readers who want more details or to study the sources of information. This book also investigates potential practical next steps of interest to concerned scientists, engineers, and citizens, with an aim to further discuss and achieve the eventual intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ‘Net Zero’ goals.

Solving the problem of The Global Climate Crisis requires educating others to support the changes that must occur and to provide the possible solutions required. This is a necessary read for academics in climate and environmental studies, covering the science, technology, economics, politics, international, and other issues involved in doing something about global warming. It is also important for those interested in global warming and anyone involved in decision-making processes and legislation that deal with reduction in carbon footprints.




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How Do We Stop Global Warming?

Global warming is the driving force behind
climate change and sea-level rise

If you are able to grasp the basics of the greenhouse effect, solar radiation, and the signs and dangers of global warming, you can come up with your own conclusions about global warming. There is a lot of misinformation about climate change from individuals who are not scientists or who represent vested interests of the fossil fuel industry.

Why Read
The Global Climate Crisis?

Global Warming is probably the most important and complex public policy and international relations issue in the world today. Stopiing global warming and mitigating its unavoidable consequences are not just a technical problem. The science and technology available today are sufficient to address this problem without delay. Many aspects of our society will be impacted in some way by global warming. The biggest challenges involve educating the public so that they will support the required changes, getting governments to support the actions and cooperate to solve this global problem.


Bill and Craig, authors of Reaching Net Zero, wrote this book to speak out on the misconceptions about climate change. Today there is a lot of misleading or even false information in the media, and without double-checking, it’s hard to know what to believe. This has been the case for Climate Change or Global Warming. Bill and Craig have done some great research you will find fascinating to read about.